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Working and Parenting at Home During the Pandemic

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Working during a pandemic is hard. Working while parenting during a pandemic can seem next to impossible. It has the opportunity to create conflict and stress in both our professional and personal lives.

Recently, our Human Resources department has launched a series of workshops revolving around assisting AACC's faculty and staff during this time. One of these workshops is called "COVID-19 Double Duty: Working and Parenting at Home During the Pandemic." This workshop is offered to assist parents and provide helpful tips during this new normal of remote learning for their children.

If you haven't been able to attend one of these workshops, our HR department has provided the slides and recording of the workshop as a resource for you as we continue working remotely. You can find the handout, presentation and workshop presentation below.

COVID-19 Parenting Session Handout

COVID-19 Parenting Session Presentation

COVID-19 Parenting Session Recording

HR has started hosting bi-weekly check in and chats that are specifically designed to support parents working at home. The chats are broken up specifically for employees with either pre-school, elementary, middle school or high school students. These are for faculty and staff members only. Please join a HR team member to check in, share ideas, and experience some virtual support during this pandemic. To see when these Parenting Check-In and Chats are, please refer to The Resource that we receive every Friday via email.

Special thanks to our HR department for providing these workshops and the materials.

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