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Redefine Yourself: Raffaella Picariello

Check out one of our latest redefine stories from AACC student, Raffaella Picariello.

When I started at AACC, I had just moved from Italy where I was born and raised. Adjusting to a new country was one of the biggest challenges for me. I had no idea where to start.

It was important for me not to get in debt right away, and I wanted a very good education, so I was looking around for one of the best community colleges in the area. I asked a colleague of my husband who said AACC is a great school, and he was right.

I found amazing people at AACC because I got help everywhere. I went to the financial aid office, academic advising, the registration office, you name it, and I met welcoming and kind people who helped me integrate into a new community.

After I enrolled, it felt real. I was ready to start. It felt great. I was starting to build something for myself here. I’m very proud that I was able to follow my dream of going to college. I would love to open many businesses around the world, and I am working a step at a time to get there. I want to give back every inch that was given to me when I first arrived at AACC, all the help and all the welcome that I got here.

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