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Learning Communities

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

What's a Learning Community?

Learning Communities integrate two or more courses using a common theme. By connecting subjects through readings and assignments, understanding of the material is easier and learning is improved. Furthermore, you'll work with the same community of students in the linked classes, helping each other succeed and making friends along the way. To enroll, simply register for the specific courses and sections in the learning community. The courses will transfer and appear on your transcript just as they would if you took them separately.

Benefits of Learning Communities:

  • Reinforcement of content in both courses.

  • Opportunity to make friends and form strong bonds with fellow students.

  • Built-in support system.

  • Increased interaction with the faculty.

  • Courses offered at prime times.

  • Courses often offered back-to-back in the same room.

Check out all of the course offerings we have for the fall!

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