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Hispanic Heritage Month

Join AACC in celebrating the history, culture and traditions that define the Hispanic community and its future as a group from Sept.15-Oct. 15. Let's take this time as an opportunity to reflect on Hispanic Americans' service and contributions to the history of our nation.

Past Events

We've already hosted a couple of awesome events these last few weeks. Check them out below!

"Sombrero Azul"

Student Victor Solis taught us about a traditional Salvadorian song.

La Mandolina

Staff member Sam Cordero played some traditional songs with his mandolin.

Upcoming Events

We still have events planned for the next few weeks. Check them out below!

Let's Dance Zumba

Mayra Vizcarrondo wants you to get ready for a day of pure zumba.

6:30 p.m.

How to Make a Tres Leches Cake

Staff member Anne Bashore and the Office of Student Engagement invite you to join a virtual HCAT workshop on how to prepare a delicious Tres Leche cake.


Juan Felipe Herrera

Associate Professor Dawn Meissner, World Languages academic chair, invites you to an evening with Juan Felipe Herrera.

7 p.m.

Closing Event

Enjoy a virtual party event with music, games and a lot of fun activities.


Interested in any of these events? Check out our Hispanic Heritage Month webpage to learn how to attend!

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