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Support AACC student entrepreneurs by shopping and learning more about their businesses! Sponsored by AACC's Entrepreneurial Studies Institute, HawkTrade is a virtual student business trade show that gives our students the opportunity to share their businesses with their community.

The businesses that will be featured during this event will be selling products and services that include art, catering, health and wellness, technology, clothing and more.

There are eight businesses registered to exhibit so far:

  • Angels Have Attitude (Alexandra Bell)

  • Baked and Brunched (Nakia Cheeks)

  • Buddie Studios (Leonardo Snow)

  • Chow (Jordan Foley)

  • Kuhlwhip Speed Ropes (Patti Kuhlman)

  • NRGizeMe2 (Tara Long)

  • Puck Jones (Nickie Lambert)

  • Roen Dice (Stephanie Steeley)

Register to attend and maybe purchase a thing or two while you're there! A complete schedule will be sent to you prior to the event.

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