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Friday Happy Hour

It's Friday which means there might be a happy hour in your near future! Let us help you out by serving up another happy hour recipe from AACC's Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute.

Chef David Ludwig, CEPC, CHE, and his wife, Chandra Ludwig, invite us to their bar to show us how to make a Lavender Gin Martini. This drink is not only pretty, but it comes with a magic trick at the end.


  • 1 part Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (available online) Light Syrup*

  • 2 parts Gin

  • 4-5 dashes Lavender Water

  • 4 drops Lavender Bitters

*Light Syrup: Melt 1 part sugar with 2 parts tea. Cool and chill until ready to use.


  • Shake with ice.

  • Pour into chilled martini glasses spritzed with lemon or lime juice.

  • Garnish with a twist of fresh citrus.

Please drink responsibly and let us know what you think! Have a great weekend!

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