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Faculty Promotions

We love our incredible faculty members! Check out the list below to see who was recently promoted. See someone you know? Send them a message and congratulate them on their latest achievement!

To Assistant Professor

Tim P. May English

Simon J. Ward English

To Associate Professor:

Dr. Bradley J. Austin Geography

Dr. Susan M. Ficken Mathematics

Stephanie L. Goldenberg Business Management/Entrepreneurial Studies

Deborah L. Hammond Health, Fitness & Exercise Studies

Kymberly S. Jackson, J.D. Legal Studies

Dr. Jarred R. Jenkins Psychology

Kimberly P. Law Computer Information Systems

Thao-Nhi Luu Mathematics

Caree Oslislo Health, Fitness & Exercise Studies

Dr. Julie E. Takacs Biology

Dr. Antione D. Tomlin Academic Literacies

To Full Professor:

Dawn C. Bond Visual Arts

Myra G. Dennis Nursing

Dr. Candice J. Hill English

Dr. Heather L. Langley Massage Therapy

Beth Anne O'Reilly Mathematics

Dr. Matthew M. Patton Psychology

Dr. Darian T. Senn-Carter Homeland Security & Criminal Justice

Tenured faculty members

Robert E. Beatty Business Administration

Dr. Audra H. Butler Achieving College/Career Advancement

T. Cameron Caswell Library

Stephanie L. Goldenberg Business Management/Entrepreneurial Studies

Learn more about our awesome faculty members!

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