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Employee Engagement in a Remote Work Environment

Although we've all been working remotely for some time now, we cannot stress how important employee engagement is. Recently, our Human Resources department has launched a series of workshops revolving around assisting AACC's faculty and staff during this time.

One of the workshops offered focuses on employee engagement. In this workshop, HR discusses the fundamentals of employee engagement and how we can apply them successfully in a remote working environment. Employees have the opportunity during the workshop to share what is working for them so we can all collaborate on creating a highly engaged remote work environment.

If you haven't been able to attend one of these workshops, our HR department has provided the slides and recording of the workshop as a resource for you as we continue working remotely. You can find the slideshow and recording below. Special thanks to our HR department for providing these workshops and the materials.

Remote Employee Engagement Slideshow

Remote Employee Engagement Workshop Recording

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