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Employee Appreciation Day

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

We're so grateful for all the hard work that our faculty and staff has been able to accomplish this year! In appreciation of all that our employees do, the college is providing faculty and staff with an extra day off for Memorial Day weekend. The college will be officially closed on Friday, May 27 so they can enjoy a long weekend.

How can we appreciate our fellow colleagues? Let's check out these tips that HR's John Englehart put together! You can check out the tips below or you can find his original post on his blog.

  • Be supportive. Provide emotional support and encouragement.

  • Refer to those in the group as team members or teammates instead of subordinates or employees. Make frequent use of the words “we” and “us.”

  • Bring team members together for meetings, meals and occasional parties.

  • Emphasize that yours is a winning team.

  • Frequently remind team members that their work is important.

  • Help them identify tasks they’re particularly good at and promote them as key members of the group.

  • Build the commitment and confidence of each team member. Frequently reminding team members of what they’re doing right is one way to build commitment and self-confidence.

  • Emphasize group recognition.

  • Giving rewards for group accomplishments promotes team spirit by enabling team members to take pride in the entire team’s contributions and progress. Consider creating a display wall, padlet, or Monday morning email update for postings of team activities, certificates of accomplishment and upcoming events.

  • Don’t keep the best assignments for yourself. Look for opportunities that will allow other team members to perform at a high level.

  • Welcome all input. Team spirit increases when everyone contributes. It’s especially important that the leader not allow one or two people on their team to do most of the work.

Want to send a shout-out to someone who is doing an awesome job? You can, virtually! Human Resources has provided us digital Kudos Cards so we can let our colleagues know how much we appreciate them.

Send one to your boss, co-worker or that person you email 15 times a day!

Choose from one of our four designs:

Kudos Card One

Kudos Card Two

Kudos Card Three

Kudos Card Four

Thanks again to our faculty and staff for being such amazing people to work with. Have a great weekend!

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