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Birds of AACC

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

What kind of bird doesn't need a comb? A bald eagle! Did that joke quack you up?

Jokes aside, we recently did a deep dive on all the different species of birds that have flown over to AACC in honor of Go Birding Day on April 25. Since Anne Arundel Community College's Arnold opening in 1967, 166 species of birds have been observed on the campus. Some have been seen only once, many others are spotted regularly and 64 species either currently nest at AACC or have nested in the past.

Interested in going birding? Or do you just want to see all the different species we've had? Take a look at our Birds of AACC guide and check off all the birds you have come across on campus. Have you seen a bird that we didn't mention on our list? Email

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