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AACC Zoom Backgrounds

Updated: Jun 15

Do you miss being on campus? We're right there with you!

One of the fun parts of working and learning remotely has to be the different, hilarious Zoom virtual backgrounds we've seen during our video calls. These backgrounds have ranged from your favorite vacation spots, funny memes and even your favorite TV shows and movies.

Since we're all counting the days until we're back together, we wanted to make sure you had a little bit of AACC to take with you to your next Zoom meeting. Below you will find some backgrounds from our Arnold campus! Join your class call in front of the library, have your staff meeting right under the gazebo or take your next virtual tutoring session with Swoop! Plus, these virtual backgrounds will help hide the huge pile of laundry you haven't folded yet!

Need help uploading your new Zoom background? Check out Zoom's Help Center page.

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