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AACC Moments

As we move toward our 60th anniversary, we want to hear about your "AACC Moment!" Each month we're going to ask YOU, our AACC community, to answer a question about AACC.

This month's question is:

Who have you met at AACC that made an impact on you?

You can answer this question in the comments below or email Feel free to attach a photo of yourself to go with your response if you'd like. We'd even encourage you to send us a self-recorded video response. We plan to share these responses on Riverhawks at Home, social media, the AACC website and more.

Here are a few responses that we've received so far:

"Sara Boggess Meinsler whose become a very important part of my journey and Michael Goldfaden who truly inspired me in his class."

"Sensei Miyoko Dickerson! She really cares about about learning and very motivated to help you understand. Had a great time in all her classes!"

"I've met great people at AACC. Impactful ones have been Bob Schweriner and Natalie Ballard. They were my mentors, supporters, second parents, counselors, etc."

"Professor Timothy May and Dr. Garrett Brown. Both English professors who pushed me in directions I needed to go, but never would have on my own. Professor Haley Draper who helped me find my voice and use it like a megaphone. Jonas Pallaro-Sonneborn and Peter Michaels who raised the bar almost (but not quite) too far. And finally, the team at Amaranth who showed me we all have more to learn."

"I had some great professors at AACC, but the two that stand out were Dr. Jill Loukides and Jim Messenger. Two classy folks who cared."

"Amy in the Math Lab is absolutely amazing if it had not been for her I would have given up."

"Professor Jaime VanAllen: inspirational, encouraging and a positive person to have motivating you to achieve your nursing goal!"

"Amberdawn Cheatham has made an impact on me for helping me build my self confidence in many situations.

Ms. Jill Harris has made an impact on me in helping me get assisted with SASP."

Who is it for you? Who is the person at AACC that has made an impact on you? Let us know!

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