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AACC Grad Yard Sign

Have you gone on walks around your neighborhood and noticed yard signs promoting college, high school and even elementary school grads? We wanted to make sure our grads could let their neighborhood (and Amazon delivery person) know that they are an AACC graduate!

Below you will find some template options of the AACC Grad yard sign that you can use to post your sign in front of your house.

AACC Grad Yard Sign Option 1

AACC Grad Yard Sign Option 2

If you need to order a yard sign, Image360 is offering signs to students for $15 + shipping. Cost will include a 18"x24" single-side of the graphic and the stake to put it in the ground. You can fill out this form to get your sign ordered! Try to get it submitted by Friday, May 20, so that they can get your sign ready to go as quickly as possible.

Share your yard sign on social media with #AACCGrad!

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